Power Steel | TMT Reinforcement Bars

Power Steel TMT is the new generation of high strength ribbed reinforcement bar. It is different from ordinary bars in its method of manufacturing and consequently, in its combination of properties. Reinforced cement concrete has become the most easy and effective constructive material of modern times.The benefits of this material lies in two aspects - first, the ability of cement-concrete to take the desired shape and secondly, the ability of Power Steel TMT to resist all kinds of forces acting upon a building.

Steel rebars provide basic strength to any structure and unlike tiles, fittings, paints and other items, steel rebars once used can never be replaced.Therefore it is important to use quality Power Steel TMT for your construction.

The POWER STEEL TMT Technology

Power Steel TMT bars are manufactured under a process known as thermo mechanical treatment,which consists of three main stages:

1. Quenching: The steel bars are passed through a specially designed water-cooling system whereby the outer surface of the bars becomes cold and hardens while the core remains hot and austenitic.

2. Self Tempering: When the bar leaves the quenching box, the core remains hot compared to the surface.This allows heat to flow from the core to the surface, causing tempering of the outer martensitic layer into a structure called Tempered Martensitic

3. Atmospheric Cooling: This is a natural process that takes place on the cooling bed where the austenitic core is transformed into a ductile ferrite-pearlite structure.Therefore the final structure consists of an optimum combination of a strong outer layer with a ductile. 


TMT 84.74
TMT 107.39
TMT 1210.66
TMT 1618.95
TMT 2029.59
TMT 2546.25
TMT 3275.76

R 1210.66
R 1618.95
R 2029.59
R 2546.25

S 107.39
Power Steel
0.00 KSh 0.0 KES