We have invested in the state of art technology this includes fully automated  STEEL ROLLING MILL, TUBE MILL and a complete WIRE MILL. Our Mills boast of high production capacities allowing us to provide the best quality products at affordable prices.


Tarmal Steel is synonymous with Steel Wholesale and Retail-Kenya. Our brands POWERSTEEL and FARASI WIRE have become a benchmark for quality and a beacon of trust in the steel industry

Tarmal Steel Millers in KENYA

TARMAL Steel is known as an established STEEL MILLERS in KENYA. With our 30-year experience in the steel manufacturing industry, we have been able to create a vast distribution network throughout Kenya. At the same time, we have been investing in the state-of-the-art manufacturing plants thus allowing us to ensure we provide the best quality products at affordable prices. 


We started out from humble beginnings thirty years ago as a hardware shop in Mombasa and have now grown into a company with an annual capacity of a hundred-thousand metric tons, making us one of East Africa’s leading manufacturers of steel, wire, and Allied products.  


We have invested in latest tech like a fully automated Steel Rolling Mill, Tube Mill, and a complete Wire Mill. Our mills have high production capacities, meaning we can offer the best possible quality at an affordable price. Our brands POWERSTEEL and FARASI WIRE have become trusted names in the steel industry, renowned for their high quality.


Steel Rolling Mills in Kenya

As Steel Manufacturers, at Tarmal Steel we strive to make sure all our products are manufactured to the highest of standards which exceed the KEBS standards. As a result, our quality products have made us the go-to choice for all major contractors, engineers, and construction companies. 
We have efficient construction supply chain solutions and an extensive distribution network that covers Mombasa, Nairobi, and Kisumu, which ensures the continuous availability of our products in both urban and rural areas, helping to support the economy of the country.
We are always working towards becoming the largest manufacturer and supplier of building steel and Allied products in eastern-central Africa, while always striving to provide an organized, timely, and customer-focused service at a competitive price.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a commitment to strong and sustainable business practices and have an extensive corporate responsibility strategy implemented through our regular engagement with all key stakeholders. 
We give great importance to the wellbeing of our workforce with a focus on Health and Safety and the creation of new employment. We have commitments to our environmental awareness and helping to support society and the economy and working hard to help build trust with local communities.